How can we help you today?

Human Resources

Full Hire to Retire process, working with your existing systems and paperwork to provide the solution that is best for you

Internal Communication

Cut out distracting email communication, provide easy to find documents and know who is up to date with the latest company communications.

Business Compliance

Make sure your regular checks and processes are completed on time and by a competent team member. Simply getting your processes adhered to can make all the difference.

How we work

We follow these three principles in everything we do. From how we develop our products to how we work with clients on a daily basis

Keep it simple

Listen and Learn

Make it better

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Vue Cinema
Cameron House
Praesepe PLC
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Who we work with

At Inform People we work with a wide range of clients from 500 to 35,000 team members. 

We have industry knowledge in Hospitality, Retail, Gaming, Logistics and Warehousing, but importantly we help people manage their teams, tasks and time.

Examples of how we can help can be found below. 

Virtual PA

The Virtual PA is the ‘go to’ place for your people.

A personalised login for all company knowledge, communications and compliance.

Your people get their tasks delivered to them with clear notifications.

So you have the freedom to focus on making every day better.

Human Resources

Supporting the employee journey Inform People can create the systems that meet your requirements, covering 

– Right To Work Checks

– Onboarding and User Management

– Probationary Reviews

– Annual Appraisals

– Career Development 

– Leaver Processing 

All backed up with integrated Insight reporting, give you detailed access to your employee data with automated graphs and charts. 


Internal Communications

Ensure communications are clear and easy to follow, with group and direct messaging linked to your organisational structure, roles and responsibilities.

Build a repository of your most important documents, training videos, news articles etc. Securely share within your organisation to only users who have an active account.

Business Compliance

Once a person is in their role it’s important to make sure those regular checks are being completed.

With scheduled audits you can automate the creation of those important regular checks and monitor completion centrally in real time.