Check, record, protect

Schedule all regular safety, standards and security checks and assign them to qualified people at each location in your business. 

Completed online, you save time and paper and get central reporting so nothing gets missed. 


What you get

  • Centralised live reporting
  • Easy to assign follow-on actions
  • Schedule regular checks
  • Point in time score on completion
  • Use a portable device to complete while on walkthrough

Each audit is composed of statements that require an answer and contain built in advice sections. Automate sections that require the same required tasks each time and add comments and upload evidence at every stage. 

Keep results comparable with standard formats and automatic expiration; remove greyness to increase Health and Safety in every location.

Regular Checks

Making sure the regular daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks are done can be difficult when recorded on paper or via a non-centralised system. Converting all of your checks into tasks on the Inform People system gives you a true view of whether they are being completed on time by a qualified person, and if not, showing you who missed their regular checks so that action can be taken to improve compliance.


  • Same questions each time
  • Expiration so you can see who didn’t complete
  • Strict schedule to ensure compliance
  • Automated reporting with all historic checks

Feature Checks

Older buildings might have asbestos. Maybe you have venues with public accessed water facilities that need Legionella checks. Whatever your requirements, an audit can be built for you. 


  • Location attributes - generate audits only where needed
  • Upload evidence throughout
  • Formatted to PDF - can then be stored in the Base against location

Detailed Site Inspections

Put a standard process in place that allows you to assign checklists to be completed by certain qualified people, within set time frames, to make sure checks are done. Integrated reporting presents results that are easy to compare across the business.


  • Restrict access to certain job roles
  • League table reporting
  • Created when required upon visit to site

Standards Checks

Though our tools were designed with Health and Safety as their focus, they are able to be used for any kind of audit. 

Check that all visual and promotional standards are up to scratch too. Are the latest posters up? End of aisle displays correct? Carpets clean?


  • Ask any questions
  • Set whether questions are required or if N/A can apply
  • Link to Base content for detailed advice
  • Upload all evidence for reference


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