Information at your fingertips

A central storage point for all company information. Upload files, images, videos and documents for internal access. 

Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to say who can see it, when can they see it and/or where they need to be located to see it.

What you get

  • Unlimited storage (via AWS)
  • Flexible categories and robust search
  • Individual favourites list
  • Embed youtube or vimeo
  • Restrict access to certain items

With easy to use tools to quickly add, edit and remove information, a Knowledge Base can transform how you store documents that your teams need to access. Each person also has their own favourites list for quick access to relevant items.


Each item within your Knowledge Base gets a title, description and can be sorted into your platforms own categories. By default an item is shared with everyone but can be set to be location restricted or only available to certain permission levels.


  • All document types supported
  • Open comment section for discussion
  • Flag and Report functionality
  • Personal favourites list per account
  • Direct link to content for Events


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