Business Compliance


At Inform People we know the key to compliance is to make sure your regular checks and processes are completed on time, by the right people and with all issues clearly logged.

Making sure processes reflect your goals and are coving your statutory responsibilities can be simplified through the use of automated checks and reminders, removing the ‘I forgot’ issues that come with paper checks.

Building in automated reporting, with distributed access, gives you a clear overview of your business performance and allows you to identify issues early and take the relevant actions. 


AdHoc Audits

Standardise your detailed audits to make sure each location is monitored against the same criteria. This helps you accurately measure location performance and identify where issues are identified. From this you can then pass on tasks to named individuals to get them resolved.

Scheduled Audits

Set up a scheduled process to make sure the regular daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks are completed and any issues quickly raised to be addressed.

Removing the ‘I forgot’ and giving people easy to follow updates on what they need to do today.

Risk Assessments

Set an easy to follow two step process for managing risk for young people, new and expectant mothers, return to work and more.

This process can be expanded to cover risks to your people within your industry with our flexible data capture tools.

Understanding Business Compliance

We work with a wide range of clients to help them manage their daily, weekly, monthly and ad hoc tasks. Using our tools we help keep them compliant while giving head office a clear overview of what is actually happening in the different locations. To find out how we can help you take control of your distributed locations please contact

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