Internal Communication

At Inform People we want to cut out distracting email communication, provide easy to find documents and move back towards completing the important day to day activities over sitting in front of a screen.

Knowledge Base

Easy to use tool to help you find the document, image, file or video you need. With powerful search tools and the ability to create your own favourites.


Direct 121 messaging linked you an individuals Virtual PA account. Removing the need for company emails and restricting communication to active team members

Knowledge Share

Gather those key pieces of information and share them with the key people in your business - monitoring who viewed, confirmed they understand and who has done nothing with integrated reports based on your companies hierarchy.

System Notifications

Automated system notifications letting people know what pending meetings, updates on applications or refreshes they have and what action to take.

Knowledge Poling

COMING SOON: Quick get feedback from your teams on what they think about new releases, product development or business ideas.

Meeting & Events

Control all your meetings and events from a single point. Linked to your hierarchy and permissions create meetings, offline training courses or development calendars links to your teams.

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