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Compliance Solutions


When it comes to compliance management and reporting, the cost of getting it wrong can be high. Our compliance solutions manage a wide range of procedural tasks and present them for completion in an accurate, accessible and meaningful way. Ensure that you are complying with legislation by automating checks into an intuitive workflow with tasks sent straight to the user’s Virtual PA. Simple summary dashboards provide valuable real-time access to essential information; meaning fewer forms, reliable online ‘paper trails’, and better accountability across the business.

From ‘Right to Work’ compliance (have you made a copy of the correct documentation?), through regular Fire Risk Assessments (have you checked the venue and made a plan to resolve any issues?) to weekly standards checks (are the correct promotional posters displayed?).

Compliance Solutions

Right to Work in the UK

Our simple 5 step process guides you through the collection of RTW documentation with simple drop down menus, uploads and guidance text along the way.

Features include:

  • Automated refresh rules and notifications in advance of document expiration

  • Full audit trail to monitor who did what and when

  • Staged sign off with manger upload and verification by a nominated RTW user

  • Live reporting to monitor progress at any time

  • Fully responsive allowing you to work on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile.

Fire Risk Assessments

Take your paper based checks and convert them into a standardised online form that can be created on demand or scheduled so that every location in your company is up to standard.

Features include:

  • Assign follow-up actions to colleagues to resolve outstanding issues

  • Online record store of all previously completed FRAs so that anyone in Head Office can access a copy at any time from any web enabled device

  • Can be completed on a tablet or phone while actually moving around the location doing checks

  • Automatic expiration to keep assessments and follow on tasks within a suitable action period

  • Calculated risk rating based on weighted responses displayed in a league table

  • Print branded PDF documents with your company colours and logo

Location Audits

We’ll work with you to design new or adapt existing location audits to suit your company requirements. Online reporting reduces or eliminates the need for paper copies and simplifies the actual checking processes making it easier for everyone involved and to make sure what needs to be done is done. Manually create or schedule audits to cover your regular checks and keep all of your locations up to standard with easy to assign follow on actions to fix any issues found.


A few examples of checks we have helped to produce so to date with our existing clients:

  • Health and Safety Inspections

  • Escalator Safety Check

  • Emergency Lighting Check

  • Shelf & Storage Safety Check

  • Performance Audit

  • Promotional Material & Display Standards Check

Protected Characteristic Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments, for people. Certain situations require extra checks and we want to make the procedures as clear and helpful as possible so that anyone who might be at risk at work is fully informed and signs off their adjusted role. Identify people at risk and then complete a structured risk assessments to make sure they aware of the risks and the correct measures are put in place. These take a similar format to a performance review where the team member is “at risk” is required to answer a series of questions and then submit them to their line manager for them to review and sign off together.


A few examples of risk assessments we have helped to produce to date with our existing clients:

  • Night Worker Questionnaires

  • New and Expectant Mother Risk Assessment

  • Young Person Risk Assessment

  • Return to Work Adjustment

Accident & Incident Reporting

Don’t delay, record your incidents and accidents immediately after they happen, with the ability to upload evidence and set your own tailored notification rules.


Get fantastic reporting overviews with the inbuilt reporting of your biggest issues and pressure points. Collect, process, organise, review and complete key actions, escalating them to senior staff when necessary. Standard recording tools allow you to capture evidence, collect statements, record financial data and information on emergency services.

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