We know that older options for online business document storage can be seen by users as cold or impersonal and difficult or confusing to use. So that’s why we’ve taken an approach that considers the people who will be using it just as much as the security and structure behind the scenes.

Instead of being controlled by a single admin, restrictions on who can upload and edit Knowledge are based on Job Type, so a variety of team members with information to store can do so themselves. You can upload documents, videos and images relevant to your business; from internally produced help videos to PDFs explaining a new offer or procedure for a seasonal promotion.

Your first view of the Knowledge Base (only accessible when logged in!) is sorted by the most highly rated items, referred to as your “Hot List”. This is powered by you and your colleagues’s opinions via the “thumbs up” & “thumbs down” found next to every item of Knowledge. This gives all employees a chance to shape their experience. Your view of the Knowledge Base can then be controlled by a variety of selectable options and a free-text search so you can find any particular piece of Knowledge at the drop of a hat.

Each piece of Knowledge offers the option for comments, which are labelled with a team member’s full name. For the safety of all of your employees, comments and Knowledge are attached to the Reporting system too. Reporting an inflammatory comment or Knowledge item allows relevant Administrators to review any flagged content and make a decision on its status and release or remove it.

When used to its full potential you and your team will be looking to Knowledge Base as the first stop for problem solving; to answer questions on internal policy, to see internally produced videos and to get feedback from each other in the comment sections. Every member of your team from new starters to senior management can use the Knowledge Base at any time and from any web enabled device to access the information they need most.

Alongside the storage functions of Knowledge Base we provide you with the integrated module Knowledge Share, which allows you to group multiple pieces of Knowledge, share them with certain groups of people directly to their Virtual PA, and check their understanding. But more about that in another post!

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