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Feeding tasks directly into the Virtual PA, our powerful modular system manages your employees through each stage of the employee hire to retire cycle. We will work with you to digitise your processes and improve your people’s potential – through induction and onboarding, appraisals, career development and, where appropriate, the exit process. All tailored to your needs.

HR Solutions

Pre-Hire Checks


Easy to follow instructions to collect the right information, at the right time, with automated expiry reminders.


Collecting Right To Work information can initially seem confusing and time consuming but it is also a vital process that you need to undertake for every person you employ. We can provide a “wizard” that simplifies the process, stores files securely and sends reminders if a piece of proof is due to expire.

Induction & Onboarding


Welcome new starters with an induction to suit their role; provide documentation, training and information collection all in one place – where managers can also track completion.


First days have typically become an avalanche of paper and processes – making it difficult to give all new team members the same high quality induction to the business they require, whilst also collecting correct and timely data that has been checked and reviewed.
Onboarding and inductions will be different for every company and will make use of a combination of modules depending on what you require. From a simple introduction video to a full process of collecting signed off data for payroll and automating this into your existing system, together we can lay the groundwork for productive and engaged new employees.

Probationary Reviews


Find your rising stars early and identify people who are not the right fit during their first weeks.


Once a new employee is hired, this component manages all aspects of the probationary period. At defined stages, such as 4 weeks after starting, a task will appear on their Virtual PA automatically, prompting the new starter to complete a review of their performance so far.

Once completed their manager can review and provide feedback, with both parties setting objectives for their next meeting that will automatically populate into their next review. Gone are the filing cabinets of old reviews, every review will be available from a user’s profile page and through the integrated reporting tools.

Day-to-day compliance


Manage your daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks with automated reminders to the Virtual PA.


Convert your health and safety checks, location audits, fire risk assessments, and other compliance processes to online versions within our modules with access from any internet enabled device and integrated live reporting.

Find out even more in our compliance breakdown section.

Performance Reviews


Easy to follow review system with automated appraiser allocation and an optional reviewer stage.


One of the most well known, structured ways of gaining insight about your people – now paperless. This module takes care of the time-consuming administrative side of appraisals, leaving you free to focus on what matters – your people. Performance reviews can be tailored in content, frequency and assigned by job type so you can reflect on objectives and business requirements across different employee levels in the organisation. Automated tasks through the Virtual PA take the pressure off and allow you to give praise where praise is due and give support where it is needed. Identify rising stars, find out what motivates your team and what struggles they might be facing and use this insight to plan specific business changes.

Career Development


Crucial in getting the most from and keeping the right people in your organisation, this component helps you to identify, support and manage your talent.


Create your own internal academy to structure career progression within your organisation. It’s easy to setup; you determine who can progress up the levels, set their level at any time, build their learning and trigger sign-off reviews.

Pick and choose from a combination of the following:

Upskill People off-the-shelf learning

Easy Course Builder hand-built learning

Knowledge Share  

Event Booking & Attendance

Progress Reviews

Exit Interview


Through a formatted review, completed by both the leaver and their line manager, formalise the leaving process and collect valuable feedback.


This component, triggered by a leave date being entered, manages all aspects of an employee’s exit. Generate information for payroll to calculate final wage payment, downgrade permissions and eventually remove a leavers access to the system. Integrate a leaving checklist for items such as Uniform and Keys. Most importantly, gain insight into why people are leaving the business, their highlights and lowlights of being in your employment and use this feedback to influence and implement strategies to reduce staff turnover.

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