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We work with large hospitality providers to ensure they can resolve the issues that come with running the busy work environment typical of a multinational or large company. Those with lots of staff and thousands of guests spread over a large geographical area.

Our solutions to your problems

High staff volume and turnover

As a multi-national or large business, you need a way to ensure local and regional managers are able to effectively manage staff to ensure the best customer service. Knowledge Base and Knowledge Share make it easy to create paperless onboarding training and compliance packets for new staff, getting them ready for work in hours rather than weeks.

Virtual PA will send onboarding packs, training events, and reminders to new staff automatically, and managers can easily monitor who has completed essential tasks and which are outstanding.

Use reporting to collect staff feedback, staff satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, and customisable questionnaires. Then use the Insights tool to analyse and view the results of your collected data as charts, graphs, and easy-to-understand information to inform better decision-making.

Limited access to computers during the day

Inform People works on any device with an internet browser or the Inform People app. Team members and managers can use tablets or smartphones to view Virtual PA and complete audits, giving them an up-to-date task list according to their job title and location.

Restrict access to certain documents according to job title, location, or other features to ensure only essential staff have access to sensitive data.

Hospitality FAQ's

  • Does everyone in a team need access to a PC?

    No. The system is responsive and can be accessed on any device connected to the internet with a browser or through the Inform People app.
  • How does the platform know what needs doing?

    The platform provides tasks and information based on each person’s job title and location in the business to automatically determine what they need to do.
  • Does everyone see everything?

    No. Permissions levels can be calibrated to reflect the way you work and your requirements. This ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by HR or other specific users.
  • Can managers track their team in real-time?

    Yes. Reporting is distributed so that managers can see their location (and area managers their area). All tasks and reports are accurate at the time the page is loaded.
  • How flexible is the system?

    Modules can be added individually over time to suit your needs, budget, and timescale. Tackle your main pressure points first and see the improvements within weeks.
  • What happens when someone leaves?

    When people leave, their access is removed, and they are automatically removed from mailing lists, but their actions are retained in the audit trail.

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