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At Inform People we work with a wide range of large retailers helping them to resolve the issues that come with working in a retail environment where you have lots of people over a large geographical area.

We understand the issue associated with high turn over, limited access to computers and the need for clear and concise actions. Tackling the issues of letting team members and managers quickly see what they need to action while in a busy store.

The Inform People systems have been designed to keep information and tasks simple to follow, quick to access and easy to use while still collecting the important information for you so you can easily see how a store is performing.

Retail FAQ's

  • The system is responsive so it can be accessed on any devices connected to the internet with a browser.
  • It is web based so can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Connects to a users job type/role and location in the business to automatically determine what they need to do based on your roles.
  • Permissions levels can be manipulated to reflect the way you work
  • Reporting is distributed so managers can see there store, area managers their area etc
  • Solutions can be added individually to suit your needs and to your timescale
  • When users leave there access is removed but there actions are retained in the audit trail

Challenges and Solutions

Virtual PA
On desktop, tablet, mobile or via our Android and Apple apps users can quickly access what they need to do. The Virtual PA intelligently grows with your system automatically updating as modules are added.
Contact any users direct without any risks of breaching GDPR as all communications are handles within the system. Users can also opt in for email alerts if they want.
Right To Work
Make sure your teams are all eligible to work in the UK with a structured process for managers to follow and detailed reporting for head office users to monitor usages, expired visas etc. For more information see our articles on RTW.
Probationary Reviews
Check that your new starters are a good fit for the store and take action quickly. The simple 2 stage process engages a new team member as part of their induction to the store, sets up a meeting with their line manager and gives senior managers an overview of performance and completion.
Onboarding and User Management
Remove all of the new starter paper work and get qualified new starters on the system quicker, we aim for 1 night from starting at the store to on payroll. Your Onboarding and User Management is tailored to your an your systems and we will advise on any tips, tricks or best practice from other organisations who have had real success from thinking differently on how to get qualified new people on the system.
Performance Reviews
Identify your rising starts within the business or people who might need more help, find out the training need from selected groups of users to build your training calendar and measure the overall health of your business but the performance of your teams.
Exit Interview
Understanding turn over can have a big impact on your business, do you have any issues that can be addressed that could reduce this figure and have a real impact on the profitability of your stores and your reputation. 
We have a standard set of reports to show you when people have logged in, how long people have been with your business and what your turn over is (all filterable by groups of individuals) – but what do you want to know? Insights is the area where we can experiment to produce the reports and information you want about your business.
Knowledge Share
Knowledge Share allows you to package any information you have within Knowledge Base to push it to groups of users. Do you have a policy you need all your key holders to agree to? Knowledge Share allows you to share this to everyone, get a confirmation back and then monitor progress in automated reports to see what action has been taken broken down based on your organisational structure. If a new starter joins or someone on is promoted no need to send it out again, the system is always checking who meeting your criteria and will automatically send the document out.
Regular Checks
Making sure the regular daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks are done in store can be difficult when done on paper or via a non centralised system. The easy of ‘fudging’ results to give a better picture can be far too easy. The Inform People system will give you a true view if your checks are being completed on time by a qualified person, and if not showing you witch stores have missed their regular checks so action can be taken to improve compliance in stores.
Store Inspections
Checking that your stores are up to standard can be objective opinion based feedback. Using the Inform People system we can put a standard process in place that allows you to assign visits for area managers with set time frames to make sure checks are done and to do it in a way to easily compare the performance of stores within an area, region or across the business.
Knowledge Base
A central point for all knowledge where you can upload files, images, videos and documents that are important to your business. Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to say who can see it, when can they see it and/or where they need to be in the business to see it. With easy to use tools to quickly add, edit and remove information Knowledge Base and transform how you store documents that stores need to access.
Meeting and Events
Where it’s in person training, arranging a meeting for a performance review or a presentation for users on a development programme meeting and events can handle your room booking, applications and marking attendance. With built in automated reminders and the ability to set manager controls on who can attend certain events it has been proven to be a powerful tools for several of the UK’s largest retailers.

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