Say goodbye to mass emails

Email can be cumbersome and distracting. Especially when sharing additional media. It often means loading another application, maintaining contact lists daily with new starters and leavers, and the potential for information to leave the organisation environment. 

With Inform People it’s all in one place.

What you get

  • No attachment limit
  • Share with custom groups
  • Add questions to check understanding
  • Read receipts in manager reporting
  • Automatically share with new people when they meet requirements

The system is always checking who meets your criteria and will automatically send Shares to their Virtual PA as soon as it is relevant, drastically cutting down on email admin. Using a combination of Knowledge Shares and Messaging you do not need to link up personal email accounts, create new work accounts for new starters, or open a new program; it’s all handled by the Virtual PA.


Group together information into packages to push it to groups of users. 

Suitable for newsletters, policy updates, welcome packs and so much more. 



  • Delay access based on start date
  • Limit availability for seasonal messages
  • Remains on VPA until complete
  • Historic access via Profile
  • Automated reporting to see who has viewed the Shares


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