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We understand that not all businesses are alike.

That’s why all the tools we develop are designed to make knowing what needs to be done simple and clear. Your platform can host a range of our HR, Knowledge and Compliance software solutions. Your biggest pressure point is our starting point. We work with you to find out where you are now and what improvements you need. And then we develop and install simply the best tailored system for you and your organisation.

Your people and your processes’ continual performance improvement is just around the corner.

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Virtual PA

The Virtual PA is the central engine of your system. With a helicopter view of all modules and components, your Virtual Personal Assistant ensures that all data and information is reported to you when, where and how it should be. Know exactly what you have to-do at a glance, from any web-enabled device.

The Virtual PA communicates a list of all tasks that need actions taking, personalised to each individual, and sends out reminders where appropriate. As the whole platform is web-based, there are no complications of, or expensive investments in, additional software. You simply need an internet connection and a secure log-in to run it on your existing IT infrastructure.

All information is stored via Amazon Cloud Services which means it is always available and you can be confident that it is secure, backed-up and archived.

Our solutions will allow you to:

  • Develop your people and track their progress through the full hire to retire cycle 

  • Engage everyone in learning and improving their skills and knowledge

  • Complete compliance checks and be alerted of follow up actions from any internet enabled device

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