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What is Inform People?

Inform People is a technological platform designed to fit businesses across a multitude of industries. It’s your multi-purpose, one-stop-shop solution for management automation, providing tools to facilitate efficient and effective communication, staff training, event management, data collection, audits, staff reviews, compliance documentation, and knowledge sharing. 

All on one user-friendly platform we tailor to your business.

There is no denying that people are the backbone of every business. People management, however, creates a huge array of challenges. The myriad of different personalities, ways of working, strengths and weaknesses, and job roles makes ensuring everyone is on the same page an almost impossible task.

Inform People acts as that page.

It brings everyone in your organisation together, eliminating any miscommunication and disorganisation that eats into your time.

Why you need Inform People?

People are forgetful. People are verbose. People are, by their very nature, complicated. As a leader, you must navigate the waters of interpersonal relationships and bring order to the chaos. Because people are just that – people.

Inform People is a digital application that can revolutionise your workforce’s organisation. It ensures your company’s efficiency isn’t hampered in any way, be it through individual differences or distance.

With a staff force of thousands, or even a few hundred, effective organisation from the top down is critical if you want your workforce to be an asset rather than a hindrance to business growth. Inform People whips chaotic HR, communication, and compliance processes into shape keeping essential staff members automatically informed on minor to major changes in the business. 

When you need to know something, the information is there. No more long email chains. No more lost documents. No more confusion. Inform People takes care of all this in a few simple steps so you can dedicate your attention to more pressing matters.

The benefits

Our platform is an essential tool for streamlined management and has significant benefits across your business. Take a look.

Our clients

We work with multinational companies and big-name brands to make sure their management practices are efficient enough to support continued growth.

Our expertise

Our platform extends across sectors, providing industry-specific solutions to management, compliance, and communication problems. We work in:


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