About us

At Inform People, we break the mould. Running a multinational or multi-site company requires structure and tried and tested processes. But for businesses who want to create big improvements in their company, sticking to the same old inefficient ways of doing things turns your workforce into a hindrance, rather than your biggest asset. 


Inform People is a comprehensive solution to the problems that come with managing large companies at the highest level to the lowest. We developed a platform which uses automation and innovation to facilitate efficient and improved communication, staff training, data collection, event management, audits, staff reviews, compliance documentation, and knowledge sharing. 


We offer all of this in one simple platform which we tailor to fit your business.

Spark change

With a large company, it can be hard to admit when something isn’t working. It is often assumed the fix will be costly and time-consuming. That is if you are aware of the problems at all. With staff scattered across national, regional, and sub-regional offices, communication is a trial and mistakes occur long before the highest level of management can intervene. 


Inform People makes sure everyone in the business is informed, compliant, and trained to the level they should be while vastly improving communication and feedback in your organisation. 


We specialise in knowing where things go wrong in large businesses. That is why we created Inform People with the tools you need – and the ones you didn’t know you need – to ensure your business runs with precision.

Know what's happening

When you start using Inform People, you will begin collecting data which you can use to inform large-scale business decisions and tailoring the staff experience. 


You will be able to see who completes assigned tasks and who doesn’t. You can assign specific tasks and training to employees according to their feedback, audit reports, job level, job title, and other filters on the platform. And, with live reporting, your managers will be able to check on their teams and keep your business running from the ground up. 


Analyse the data further using the Insights tool and find emerging patterns. This wealth of data can help you build a better business and a better future.

10 days

With our concentrated investment from the outset, we can get our clients up and running on our platform in as little as 10 working days. With specialist toolsets, like the full HR suite with links to payroll and detailed data collection, setup could take longer but the resulting efficiency will give you access to time you would have never had prior to automation. 


You can start to communicate effectively, host meetings and events at the click of a button, run appraisals and conduct audits. You’ll spend less time on admin, less money on paper, and see positive results for company productivity instantly.


How do we do this? We have a tailored product that uses core modules adapted for your company and rule-based user permissions so set up is simple and swift.


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