Check, record, protect

To be successful, your business needs to be compliant. 

Regular safety, standards, and security checks are essential to ensure smooth operations. 

With our auditing tools, you can carry out paperless, customisable, and scheduled audits assigned to qualified people at each location in your business. 

Everything is done online saving you time and paper, and with central reporting, nothing gets missed.

What you get

Centralised live reporting

Easy to assign follow-on actions

Schedule regular checks

Point in time score on completion

Use a portable device to complete while on walkthrough​

Helpful features for more efficient audits

Regular checks

Make sure the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks are complete with our paperless auditing tools on a centralised system. 

Convert all your checks into tasks on the Inform People system to get a true view of what is being completed on time by qualified people and where areas have been missed to improve overall company compliance.

You can:

  • Ask the same questions each time
  • Add expiration dates to see who didn’t complete tasks
  • Produce a strict schedule to ensure compliance
  • Automate reporting with historic checks

Feature checks

Carry out feature checks on your properties across locations. Older buildings may have asbestos or perhaps some venues with public access water facilities need Legionella checks. 

Whatever you need to keep regulated and compliant, our feature checks mean you can build an audit for it.

You can:​

  • Generate specific audits when required
  • Upload evidence throughout the audit
  • Convert the format to PDF to store in Knowledge Base

Detailed site inspections

Easily put a standardised process in place which allows you to assign checklists to specific, qualified people for completion. Add time frames to ensure checks are completed exactly when they should be.

You can also:​​

  • Restrict access to certain job roles
  • Use league table reporting
  • Create one-off audits after site visits

Standards checks

Our tools are designed with health and safety in mind, but their use extends far beyond that in multinational companies. 

You can use them to collect and assess information on any topic, for example checking all visual and promotional standards are up to scratch with all the correct marketing material displayed, or checking regional stores are being kept according to company standards. 

You can’t have your eyes on every location at all times, but our auditing tools allow you to access information about what is happening outside head office.

You can:

  • Ask customised questions, creating your own when necessary
  • Set which questions are mandatory and which may require an N/A response
  • Link with Base content for detailed advice to promote clear understanding
  • Upload collected evidence for future reference and decision-making

Other useful platform features


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