Knowledge Base

Information at your fingertips

The Knowledge Base is a central storage point for all company information for internal access. 

This includes easy tools to help you quickly add, edit, and remove information, transforming the way you store and access documents. 

This includes:

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Other miscellaneous files e.g. psd

What you get

Unlimited storage via AWS

Flexible categories and robust search

Individual favourites list

Ability to embed YouTube or Vimeo

Restrict access to certain times, people, and locations​

Knowledge Base

Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to assign who can see it, when they can see it, and/or where they need to be located to see it. Perfect for multinationals working across borders.

Each item in your knowledge base gets a title and description and you can store items in customised categories for easy location and sorting. 


  • All document types supported
  • Open comment section for discussion
  • Flag and Report functionality
  • Personal favourites list per account
  • Direct link to content for Events

Other useful platform features


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