Consider impacts, make changes, see the difference

For business professionals who want to see big improvements in their company, Inform People provides a comprehensive online system that puts tools, designed for the everyday, in your hands. We know that people are the heart of business and giving them the right equipment leads to better results all around. 

Don’t get stuck in the perfectionism trap where you end up taking no actions at all. Though change can happen today we won’t push you to change drastically overnight but instead help you take steps towards improvement. Together we can take an honest look at where you are today and what can be done to get you where you want to be. 


It can be hard to admit when something is wrong or broken. 

But, with a direct (perhaps difficult) conversation that challenges your current process, we can identify what needs to change and give you the tools you need to improve on what’s already working. 


Once you start using Inform People you’ll start collecting data. You’ll be able to see who completes their assigned tasks and who doesn’t. From the built in live reporting, your managers will be able to check on their teams. Get stuck into the data and start to see patterns emerging  – take this information and make informed decisions. 


We believe that with some concentrated time investment at the outset, we can get you a live platform up and running within 10 working days*. Start to communicate effectively with our Knowledge suite, Host meetings and events, run Appraisals and conduct Audits. Spend less time on admin, spend less money on paper and start to see positive productive changes across the business. 

How can we be so quick? 

We have a tailored product that uses core modules adapted for your company and rule based user permissions so set up is simple and swift.

* a full HR suite with links to payroll and detailed data collection will take longer to set up.

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