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No matter what industry you are in, corporate compliance is a critical part of your operations and should be treated with great importance. If there is an area of your business which isn’t complying with company policy or legal regulations, those at the top often pay the price.

It is crucial that every member of your business is compliant, from the top down. But with a staff force of thousands, completing the paperwork that both trains staff about compliance and ensures the business is fully compliant is a difficult task when all your processes are manual.

Inform People offers a digital solution to this problem. By automating and streamlining your processes, Inform People removes the problems associated with business size on management and compliance so you can instead focus on running an ethical, safe, and trustworthy organisation for your staff and customers.

Key features to keep your business compliant

The one who knows everything

Do you know how many new staff start at your organisation each year? Even without an exact number, you could estimate based on your business size. If you are in a state of continued growth, it is likely your large company could take on hundreds or thousands of new employees across several countries and regions in just a few years.

Every single one of these new starters needs a contract, training, and a mountain of paperwork. It is your existing staff who do the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring compliance in the early stages by scheduling meetings, training, and staying on top of documentation. 

Inform People takes the weight off your staff’s shoulders, freeing them up to focus on their main job role by doing most of the work when it comes to compliance using digital tools.


Overseeing the business has never been easier than with Inform People’s auditing tools. You can complete ad hoc audits and scheduled audits accurately and quickly, helping you find where the issues are in the business. Our tools allow you to:

  • Schedule regular safety, standards, and security checks
  • Assign audits to the correct, qualified people at each location of your business
  • Complete paperless audits online, greatly speeding up the process and reducing waste
  • Centralised live reporting
  • Point in time score on completion
  • Use a portable device to complete while on a walkthrough
  • Customise questions or ask the same each time
  • See which staff members complete or fail certain complete tasks
  • Add expiration dates and strict schedules to ensure compliance
  • Automate reporting with historic checks

From this, you can assign audit-informed tasks and training to specific individuals using the online learning tools integrated into Inform People to maintain full compliance at every level of the organisation. 

Risk assessments

As you know, risk assessments are required by law. If your organisation’s risk assessments are of poor quality, it could land your business in serious legal trouble if something goes wrong somewhere in the business. 

Inform People’s risk assessment tools follow an easy two-step process for managing the risk for:

  • Young people
  • New and expectant mothers
  • Night workers
  • Returners
  • Industry-specific risks

You can expand your risk assessment processes to cover risks specific to your organisation or industry simply using Inform People’s flexible data capture tools. 

We work with companies to help them better understand how to manage their daily, weekly, monthly, and ad hoc safety and security tasks. Using the Inform People tools, we help maintain compliance while giving the head office a clear overview of what is happening across locations and offices. 

To find out how we can help you take control of your distributed locations, please contact us today. 



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