Risk assessment

Why risk assessment is so crucial and how you can improve it

Risk assessment is a vital aspect of any management overview process. You have a duty of care to your employees and part of that is assessing what aspects might affect them in their day to day.

The HSE puts it best; there are some bare minimums you need to do:

  1. Identify what hazards could cause injury in your business
  2. Decide how likely the risk is to someone
  3. Take actions to eliminate the hazard or at least control it

But as we said, this is the bare minimum.… Read the rest

refresher courses

Are refresher courses in social housing necessary?

Compliance training in social housing isn’t optional. It’s mandated by legislation, regulation, and policy. Article 21 of the UK’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 says organisation “must” give compliance training, and Regulation 12 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 says organisations “shall”.… Read the rest


Why does productivity differ between businesses?

Productivity in business is a hot topic across every industry. We’re constantly trying to solve its greatest mysteries. How can we improve it? What’s holding us back? How can we make staff more productive? The answers often lie in investing in research and development, employing a more educated workforce, and adopting better technology. 

But a new study suggests there is one surprising factor at play which affects levels of productivity between companies, and also between internal teams of the same business.… Read the rest


What is causing the lack of connectivity in your organisation?

Whether it’s between individual staff members, departments, or regional offices and stores, connectivity and effective communication is key. Without it, all levels of your organisation will suffer from inefficiencies that will affect your cash flow. 

A lack of connectivity negatively affects everything: compliance, company culture, innovation, communication, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and so much more.… Read the rest


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