Why does productivity differ between businesses?

Productivity in business is a hot topic across every industry. We’re constantly trying to solve its greatest mysteries. How can we improve it? What’s holding us back? How can we make staff more productive? The answers often lie in investing in research and development, employing a more educated workforce, and adopting better technology. 

But a new study suggests there is one surprising factor at play which affects levels of productivity between companies, and also between internal teams of the same business.… Read the rest


What is causing the lack of connectivity in your organisation?

Whether it’s between individual staff members, departments, or regional offices and stores, connectivity and effective communication is key. Without it, all levels of your organisation will suffer from inefficiencies that will affect your cash flow. 

A lack of connectivity negatively affects everything: compliance, company culture, innovation, communication, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and so much more.… Read the rest

internal retail events

Promoting better ROIs through internal retail events

In today’s retail climate, it would be easy to assume the standard brick-and-mortar model is falling by the wayside. Especially against the goliath of online shopping. After all, how can you compete with their prices and convenience? Yet the traditional high-street model isn’t dead; not if you can adapt.… Read the rest

small energy suppliers

How small energy suppliers can compete with the Big Six

In October, news broke of Toto Energy’s collapse, just weeks after receiving an Ofgem warning. Toto failed to meet the 1st September deadline for renewable energy payments due from all suppliers according to Ofgem. It’s a shame to see it happen because of what smaller companies represent – a more competitive market that can only benefit consumers. 

Unfortunately, Toto is just one of 16 energy companies to collapse since the beginning of 2018.… Read the rest


Why hospitality businesses need more frequent audits

Businesses in the hospitality industry often come up against several challenges. There are work shortages, high staff turnovers, and thousands of customers who all deserve top-quality service. But one of the biggest challenges is maintaining compliance. 

There are numerous rules and regulations hospitality businesses must comply with.… Read the rest

Housing associations

How tenants and housing associations are coming together in collaboration

There have long been calls for tenants to become more involved and empowered in social housing. With the UK government’s publication of the Government’s Social Housing Green Paper, and the recent abolition of the borrowing cap, there’s a real possibility social housing could see a much-needed resurgence. 

But, importantly, we can make these new council and social housing opportunities an integrated part of communities, becoming places where people are proud and happy to live.… Read the rest


Why boosting productivity is key for endoscopy departments

Dave King is currently the Directorate Manager – Dermatology, Diabetes, Endocrinology & Rheumatology at St Helens & Knowsley Hospital NHS Trust. He has worked closely with Inform People in the development of the NHS tool ‘Thrive’ which will be used to monitor room and equipment usage and will supply the NHS with valuable measurable data to make crucial decisions.Read the rest


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