Know what is happening and where

Whether it is in-person-training, arranging a performance review meeting, or a presentation for users on a development programme, the Meetings and Events tool can handle everything. 

Bookings, applications, and attendance monitoring are a breeze.

With built in automated reminders and the ability to set manager controls on who can attend certain events, our Host module has been proven to be a powerful tool for several providers already. 

Follow up your events with attendance marking, optional input for pass/fail and reporting for reasons for failed attendance. Create waiting lists for popular sessions and start to transform your offering based on feedback.

What you get

Automated reminders integrated into Virtual PA and Messaging​

Warnings to prevent double-booking

Link resources from Base

Build a training calendar with optional events

Arrange meetings with invited guests

Robust search

Great features for more organised meetings and events

Meetings and Events

The Meetings and Events tool makes bringing huge numbers of people from a wide variety of locations together. 

Meetings and Events can be limited to select individuals or managers can make a public schedule, allowing staff to put themselves forward for training advancement opportunities, encouraging natural growth and education of your entire workforce. 

You can also

  • Book rooms in advance
  • Request specific attendees where applicable using filters
  • Mark and monitor attendance
  • Get detailed reporting of completed events
  • Plan unlimited events into the future

Other useful platform features


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