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At Inform People we work with a wide range of companies in sectors ranging from retail and hospitality, to construction and social housing. Working with our clients we have developed a range of tools that meet the needs of busy HR leaders while reducing the amount of paperwork and support tickets they receive on a daily basis. 

All the tools allow you to capture the information you need, in a clean format and to your existing standards.

We have outlined a quick overview of the HR applications below that are available to you today. Remember, all of our products can be tailored to your needs, giving you the benefits of a quick roll out and constant updates, but with the flexibility to make it your own.


Know if someone is the right fit for the business, allowing you take take action early, and identify potential rising stars to fast track through internal development channels.

Our Right to Work solution takes the complexity out of knowing what needs to be collected (and by who), with automated timely reminders so people know when documents need to be refreshed or updated.

Collect the information you need to manage all of your teams, with  structured process flows and multi-level sign off as required. All while giving people access to their own data and visibility of their contracts.

Easy to follow and quick to complete reviews that provide visibility your rising stars or where you have areas of concern. With live reporting to track and push completion.

Build structured pathways to help develop your people at all levels. Create workflows that help standardise the process for internal development and career pathways.

Understand why people are leaving and use data address any issues relating to turnover. 

Collect key leaver information and reduce permissions immediately (where applicable).

Linked to information from Profile and platform usage, Insights gives your data managers access to inspect all of the information collected; from checking on when licenses are due to expire, ethnicity mixes and inspecting pay rates.

In addition you can quickly track login rates, lifespans of employees and turnover rates. This all comes as as part of our standard reporting suite.

Need something tailored specifically for you? Contact one of our support team to find out more.

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