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What makes a business unique is the people who work there. As the HR leader, it is your job to look after each individual. 

HR managers at small businesses have enough time to manually keep track of everyone, make sure they complete fundamental training, produce detailed performance reviews, and give advice for career development. 

But with a staff force in the thousands, or at least a few hundred, spread across different countries and regions things are infinitely more complicated and stressful, and your inefficiencies become glaringly obvious. If you solve these problems at the root, you can run the HR department of a multinational company with the meticulousness of a small business, regardless of your size. 

Our tools

You only have two hands, but the tools on the Inform People platform act as a thousand more, making sure every staff member is trained, cared for, and heard in just a few clicks. When you log in to Inform People as the HR manager, you can see and do everything you need to keep staff happy, informed, and compliant in one place. 

The Insights tool collects information from profile and platform usage to allow managers to see data on licenses due to expire, diversity statistics in your organisation, pay rates, login rates, employee lifespan and turnover, and much more, including customisable datasets which you can use to make widespread, informed decisions to benefit the entire organisation. 

You no longer have to rely on other people to make sure your business runs smoothly. You can rely on Inform People instead to make sure you maximise the strengths of your entire workforce without constant distractions from inefficient processes. It brings every member of the team onto the same page – from the CEO to new starters – eliminating the HR, communication, and compliance problems caused by business size. 

The organiser

The organiser is the person who is determined to ensure everyone’s calendar is full with essential training events, meetings, networking events, and staff socials. The difficulty comes from the chaotic nature of others; keeping track of who needs to attend what, who can or can’t go, who has already attended,  where to go, when to go, who with. It is a draining process on you and your staff. 

Inform People simplifies this entire process with the seamless event management tool which displays everything on one screen.

Event management

The event management tool allows you to:

  • Create unique training, social, and corporate events in a matter of seconds
  • Filter staff invites by job title, age, completed training, and other customisable characteristics using securely stored data
  • Make it easy for staff to RSVP instantly at the click of a button.
  • Send timely, automatic, and regular reminders to staff members to staff who need to attend so you don’t have to spend valuable time doing this manually

When you and your staff are in organisational heaven, there is more time to focus on making critical decisions to benefit the business like increasing employee satisfaction, engagement, and making sure everyone is working in line with company and legal regulations.

The time wizard

There is always one person with supernatural punctuality in every office. They are on time to meetings, assignments are always submitted early, and they expect everyone else to be the same. With Inform People, there is no reason why everyone can’t be this efficient with their time. 

Time-saving across sub-regional offices translates to hundreds of hours saved at head office which can then be used more effectively for business growth and development.


Paperless documentation

By taking the paper out of paperwork and going digital, your business not only cuts down on wasted paper, but staff also reduce time wasted printing, distributing, and collecting documents from their teams which then needs to be collated, analysed, interpreted, and shared. 

Inform People cuts down the steps needed in this process. Automated completion notifications and reminders ensure you don’t waste time waiting for staff to complete documents and the platform helps you turn collected data into useful information in minutes.

The Inform People platform allows you to carry out paperless:

  • Probationary reviews
  • Compliance documentation
  • Onboarding forms
  • Performance reviews and appraisals
  • Questionnaires and employee feedback forms
  • Exit interviews 

Doing so means you will have immediate insight into important data surrounding staff satisfaction, staff turnover, productivity, and compliance which you can use to promote better decision-making in your organisation with the Insights tool.

Inform People cuts out unnecessary steps when it comes to managing your staff across offices, regions, and countries. To see what else it can do for your HR team, contact us using the form below to request a demo.


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