Make your data matter

There is a reason why data is the most valuable commodity in the world. 


Many companies collect huge amounts of data on employees and the business but fail to turn it into useful, digestible information. 


Insights on Inform People analyses data for you, presenting it in easy to understand formats, using data to help you make informed and influential decisions across the company’s various locations.

What you get

Insights restricted to specific senior accounts

Visual reporting for clarity

Diversity statistics at your fingertips with the Profile module

Reports on upcoming expiration dates

Customisable datasets

Features to help you make the most of valuable resources


With Insights, you have the option to interrogate the data collected from Profile and use it to inform your understanding of aspects of the business. For example, you can see how many people are employed on student visas and whether they are complying with regulations. Specific data analysis is no problem for Insights.

You get:

  • Pie chart summaries
  • Filters to isolate specific data
  • User directory list of results
  • Data exports on request


Insights can help produce standardised reports on information like most recent logins, those with outstanding tasks to complete, how long staff have worked in your business, turnover, or a myriad of other options. Use this information to inform decisions that benefit your business such as reward schemes or training for those not completing tasks on time.

You get:​

  • Bar chart summaries
  • Filters to isolate specific data
  • Exportable list of results
  • Links from results direct to user Profiles

Other useful platform features


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