Store, access, and analyse employee data securely

Get organised with unique accounts for every person, linked to payroll. 

From the basic employee information (Name, Job Title, Start Date) to a full HR and compliance profile. 

We work with you to assess your current process, cut out any duplication and increase efficiency in the HR process. Embrace the ease of a tailored system, specific to your requirements and help you to remove cumbersome forms by inputting data directly.

What you get

Ability to restrict access to certain information based on job role or location

Amazon Cloud secure storage

Customisable data fields

Ability to track documents with expiration dates

A full, detailed archive for all users with time and date stamped actions

Features for better use of employee data

Onboarding and user management

Our tools do the heavy lifting for regional and sub-regional managers when it comes to tedious and time-consuming onboarding and user management processes. With a completely paperless system, Inform People reduces money spent on paper and the time taken to collect and distribute vital information and training. Profile helps you tailor Base documents to new starters and ensure they’re compliant in a few swift clicks.

You can:

  • Store dates and flag expiration of qualifications
  • Format data exports for payroll
  • Use information to build Knowledge Share groups
  • Tailor electronic paperwork to your business and industry best practice examples

Right to work

Making sure every staff member is eligible to work in the UK is easy with a simple four-step process on Inform People, no matter the size of your workforce. All it takes is a simple review, sign off from a nominated head office manager, and detailed reporting to monitor completion, outstanding actions, and upcoming expiration where relevant.

Giving managers the power to check ‘right to work’ information quickly and accurately reduces the risk of the business facing fines of up to £20,000 for each person employed illegally. Inform People makes sure you have the right information that truly matters and the tools are kept up to date with HMRC legislation.

Inform People includes:

  • A step-by-step walkthrough
  • Easy uploads for photographic proof with unlimited secure storage
  • Automatic warnings in advance of document expiry
  • Permissions controlled sign-off to ensure compliance
  • Updated inline with any changes in UK government guidelines

User directory

The user directory is essential in ensuring no time is wasted manually editing email lists or hand-selecting individuals to receive information, complete tasks, or attend events. It is a built-in, filterable list of all accounts and profile information with access to more detailed information for senior team members and HR departments.

It includes:

  • No paper version of personnel files stored in the office
  • Robust search
  • Linked to Org Directory
  • Quick access actions for RTW and Messaging

Other useful platform features


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