Promoting better ROIs through internal retail events

internal retail events

In today’s retail climate, it would be easy to assume the standard brick-and-mortar model is falling by the wayside. Especially against the goliath of online shopping. After all, how can you compete with their prices and convenience? Yet the traditional high-street model isn’t dead; not if you can adapt.

The experiences customers expect from brick-and-mortar shopping differ from what they expect online. But to deliver on that expectation, you need an expertly trained team to provide the modern experience your customers expect. All while ensuring you stay compliant. This starts with informative and effective internal training processes.

Internal events to build a strong retail team

Customers expect things to be faster, smarter, and better. When your business is all of these things, great, you can reap the rewards. But to reach this point, teams need to use quality software and technology designed to increase overall efficiency. This undoubtedly takes training to master, especially when new systems are introduced, so all staff can perform better, whether it’s with new technology or new customer service protocols. 

Retailers are also subject to strict regulations to maintain compliance with the law and company policy. New staff need to be aware of the laws surrounding the sale of alcohol, cigarettes, over-the-counter drugs, and sharp items like knives. 

An excellent retail team will be cohesive, flexible, and productive, which requires harmony between team members. Some organisations may benefit from organised team-building exercises. And supervisors and managers need consistent training to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date in a fast-changing industry. There should be a focus on best practice in retail as well as a better understanding of the industry.

Training events to improve your sales

Training can take on many forms, like:

  • Expert talks
  • Internal team-building events and trips
  • Lectures
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Hands-on training events
  • eLearning

These internal training and social events are aimed at boosting employee knowledge, company compliance, productivity, and customer service. Ultimately, reducing areas of friction in your internal processes and encouraging growth within your company.

With the average retailer spending approximately 3% of its annual payroll on training activities each year, when you’re running a large company these costs can add up. However, it’s better to see training as an investment, rather than a cost. You should focus on using data to understand the impact of your staff training. It’s estimated a knowledgeable sales assistant can increase sales by 23%

Making retail events a success

Internal training events are a popular method of boosting sales. This can be difficult when your staff are spread across different locations. You might need to run country-specific training events at different times and to make this a success you’ll need military precision. The best way to do this is by using a modern, automated system for internal events.

Your technology should tackle these common problem areas which produce friction in your systems:

  • Inviting the right people – If you use software that invites employees according to their job title, location, or past training experience, it will automatically speed up a tedious process, ensuring no one is left off the list.
  • Making RSVPs easy – Better event software can reduce the RSVP process to clicking a single notification and automatically updating the attendee list for managers to view.
  • Updating attendees – Great software will allow employees to see where and when events are and who is leading them without having to wait for email updates. Updates should come automatically.
  • Minimising data input – Great internal events software should minimise the amount of work your organisers have to do. They can enter the details such as the type, location, and time of the training and choose attendees using a variety of streamlining filters. 
  • Keeping you in the clear – The best software will help ensure you complete the right audits and risk assessments, not only for each event you run but also across your company. You should get a detailed overview of which staff members have out-of-date documents, for example, first aid training or health and safety certificates. And you’ll be able to do this without manually sifting through thousands of paper documents, saving you valuable time.

It takes some organising, but if you follow these steps, it shouldn’t be too hard.

In conclusion…

These are the marks of great internal events management software.

Appropriate training will help your retail team become more knowledgeable and ensure great service extends from management to the teams on the shop floor. 

Inform People removes the pains and gripes of events management in retail. With advanced, automated, and streamlined communication, your staff are free to focus on being creative with customers rather than admin work. Take a look at how our other features boost large retail businesses across the world. 

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