Why Inform People?

We work with a variety of entertainment and gaming venues to provide online solutions to the issues that come with a busy work environment; with lots of people, lots of guests and spread often over a large geographical area.


We understand the issues associated with high staff turnover, limited access to computers during the work day and the need for clear and concise actions that can be completed with minimal fuss. Our tools tackle the balance between getting team members and managers to quickly see what they need to complete daily while working in a busy public facing environment.


The Inform People online systems have been designed to keep information easy to find, tasks simple to follow and complete, and reporting tools quick to access and in the hands of managers so you can easily see how a location is performing.

Entertainment FAQs

  • Does everyone in a team need access to a PC?
    The system is responsive and it can be accessed via any browser or the Inform People app.
  • How does the platform know what needs doing?
    The Virtual PA (home page) provides tasks and information based on each person’s job title and location in the business to automatically determine what they need to do.
  • Does everyone see everything?
    No. Permission levels can be calibrated to reflect the way you work and your requirements. This ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by specific qualified people.
  • What happens when someone leaves?
    When people leave, their access is removed but their actions are retained in the audit trail.
  • Can managers track their team in real time?
    Yes. Reporting is distributed so that managers can see their location (and area managers their area) and all tasks and reports are accurate at the time the page is loaded.
  • How flexible is the system?
    Modules can be added individually over time to suit your needs, budget, and to your timescale. Tackle your main pressure points first and see the improvements within weeks.


A central page with every outstanding action. People can quickly access what they need to do. The Virtual PA intelligently grows with your system automatically updating as modules are added.

Find out more about the Virtual PA.

Contact any other user directly without any risks of breaching GDPR as all communications are handled within the system, with new accounts available immediately and leavers automatically locked out.

Messaging is a core part of the Virtual PA. Read more about it here.

Make sure your teams are all eligible to work in the UK with a structured process for managers to follow and detailed reporting for head office users to monitor completion, outstanding actions, upcoming expiration for visas etc.

Find out more about adding RTW to Profiles. 

Check that new starters are a good fit for your teams and take follow on actions quickly. With a straightforward two-stage process, you can engage with a new team member as part of their induction, set up a goal review meeting with their line manager, and give senior managers a central overview of performance and completion.

Click here to find out more about Reviews.

Get your qualified new starters online and on payroll within hours rather than weeks, remove the paper from their ‘new starter paperwork’ and turn first days from a day of back office admin to a few quick clicks, freeing up time for practical hands on experience. We will tailor the process to your business, reflecting and improving on your existing steps and advising best practice.

Read more about what you can include on a Profile.

Identify your rising stars and understand any challenges. Collect specific training needs from selected groups of users to build your training calendar. Measure the overall health of your business by the performance of your teams. See improvements over time as you implement changes raised by keeping in touch with your people.

Click here to find out more about Reviews.

Understanding turnover can have a big impact on morale, team cohesion and finances. Do you have any issues that can be addressed that could reduce this figure and have a real impact on the profitability of your stores and your reputation? Build a form, available to leavers, to collect honest feedback to inform your business change.

Click here to find out more about Reviews.

The more you use the system, the more we can report back to you on, all filterable by groups of individuals, so what do you want to know? Insights is the area where we can investigate your data and give you actual stats to inspire changes and bring real business benefits.

Click through to read more about Insights.

A central storage point for all company information where you can upload files, images, videos and documents that are important to your company. Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to say who can see it, when can they see it and/or where they need to be located to see it. With easy to use tools to quickly add, edit and remove information, Knowledge Base can transform how you store documents that your teams need to access.

Find out more about the Knowledge Base.

Group together any information you have within Knowledge Base into packages to share with specific groups of users. Get a confirmation back when they have read it and monitor interaction in automated reports. When a new starter joins or someone changes roles to fit the requirements for that Share, you don’t need to send it out again, the system is always checking who meets your criteria and will automatically send the document to their Virtual PA as soon as it is relevant, drastically cutting down on email admin.

Find out more about Knowledge Share.

When checking that your venues are up to standard it can be difficult to be objective and to effectively compare results. We can put a standard process in place that allows you to assign checklists to be completed by certain qualified people, within set time frames, to make sure checks are done. The Virtual PA’s flexible interface allows all these checks to be completed from phones and tablets while moving through the venue and integrated reporting presents results that are easy to compare across the business.

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Making sure the regular daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks are done on site can be difficult when recorded on paper or via a non-centralised system. The ‘fudging’ of results to give a better picture can be tempting when there is no central oversight. But this leaves your business and your customers vulnerable. Converting all of your checks into tasks on the Inform People system gives you a true view of whether they are being completed on time, and if not, showing you who missed their regular checks so that action can be taken to improve compliance.

Find out more about Audits.

Whether it is in-person training, arranging a meeting for a performance review or a presentation for users on a development programme, Meetings and Events can handle your room booking, applications and marking attendance. With built in automated reminders and the ability to set manager controls on who can attend certain events, it has been proven to be a powerful tool for several hospitality providers already.

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