Why Inform People?

Understanding efficiency and planning the use of resources in busy departments can be difficult. With tight budgets and a desire to do the best for the public the need for clear, easy to enter, reviewable and comparable data is more important than ever.

We know you need to record and quantify accurately and without wasting time. We know that knowing what has happened one week can inform better decisions in the future. Input your rooms, equipment and a few standard appointment times and start to manage your days and ascertain any required changes to make quality improvements.

We have worked closely with the requirements presented to us by the Endoscopy department and developed a bespoke module, tailored to the requirements for procedure booking and resource management that will be tailorable across all NHS departments.


  • Is any patient data stored on the system?
    No. The module is just for room and equipment usage and measuring time so that completed days can be reviewed and changes can be made to make departments more efficient.
  • Can data be monitored in real time?
    Yes. Reporting is distributed so that platform admins can see the departments they are responsible for and all tasks and reports are accurate at the time the page is loaded.

  • How will people know what they need to record?
    The platform is calibrated to provide tasks and information based on each user's role and location to automatically determine what they have access to and what they need to input daily.
  • What happens when someone leaves?
    Access is removed so that they cannot login but their actions are retained in the system’s audit trail so all completed data is available for review, no matter who input it.


A central page with every outstanding action; accessible on desktop via any web browser, tablet, mobile and via our Android and Apple apps. A simple menu allows direct access to all installed modules.

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Make a plan for the days ahead by selecting rooms, equipment and standard appointment lengths to build out a schedule. Review usage when sessions are complete and record any time overflow, unused or requested equipment and make notes. Use the discrepancies between the plan and reality to make more accurate and efficient plans in future weeks.

A central point for all knowledge where you can upload files, images, videos and documents that are important to your days. Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to say who can see it, when can they see it and/or where they need to be located to see it. With easy to use tools to quickly add, edit and remove information, Knowledge Base can transform how you store documents that the people in your departments need to access. Each person also has their own favourites list for quick access to relevant items.

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Contact colleagues using the platform, without having to rely on email or edits to external contact lists. With the addition of push notifications through the Virtual PA app, your whole team can be kept in the loop.

Messaging is a core part of the Virtual PA. Read more about it here.