For the NHS

As a public service with millions of permanent staff members and thousands of locations, Inform People understands the unique challenges facing effective management in each department and across the board. 

We have worked with NHS departments to tailor our platform to ensure it meets the department’s specific needs by creating new modules. We can do the same for your department, solving common problems.

Our solutions to your problems

Tight budgets, deadlines, and resources

The Insights tool allows you to quickly and easily analyse, view, and use data to inform efficient decision making.

Our Virtual PA system gives each member of staff a dedicated task list according to their job title and location which can be accessed from any portable or stationary device with the Inform People app or a web browser. This means fast, clear, task completion which can be monitored by senior staff members to ensure everyone is working to keep the department compliant and productive.

Better communication

In the NHS, better communication between all levels of staff members benefits patients and can potentially save lives. The Messaging tool can remove cumbersome email communication to replace it with instant messaging, with automatic notifications and read receipts, keeping everyone on the same page.

Effective time and space management

Providing the best customer care means making the most out of your resources. Inform People can create tailored modules to make booking rooms, equipment, and appointments faster, simpler, and easier. Minimising double bookings and prioritising needs.

Our tools infuse automation into your processes and make many of them paperless, saving your staff members’ time so they can focus on providing better patient care.


  • Is any patient data stored on the system?
    No. The module is just for room and equipment usage and measuring time so that completed days can be reviewed and changes can be made to make departments more efficient.
  • Can data be monitored in real-time?
    Yes. Reporting is distributed so that platform admins can see the departments they are responsible for and all tasks and reports are accurate at the time the page is loaded.
  • How will people know what they need to record?
    The platform is calibrated to automatically provide tasks and information based on each user's role and location which determines what they have access to and what they need to input daily.
  • What happens when someone leaves?
    Access is not based on individual people’s accounts, instead through room accounts, so their actions are retained in the system’s audit trail so all completed data is available for review, no matter who input it.

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