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Serious data breaches are only becoming more common, and large and multinational companies are still at risk. 

In 2005, Wal-Mart had a serious security breach targeting their point-of-sale systems. An internal audit revealed thousands of customer card numbers and personal data was stored on computers unencrypted. 

Today, data breaches are more common and more sophisticated, and the need for streamlined auditing to maintain compliance is huge.

With the right tools, however, risk can be greatly reduced.

Our solutions to your problems

Satisfying PCI DSS requirements

Maintaining PCI compliance is complex. You need to comply with a total of 251 sub-requirements across the 12 requirements outlined in PCI DSS 3.2 to fully address growing threats to customer payment information.

Use Inform People’s auditing tools to set up regular, scheduled, or one-off audits and ensure your business is satisfying requirements in one paperless system. You can automatically schedule audits for completion at certain regular times with a qualified professional. Or create bespoke, one-off audits to investigate certain areas of your business.

With live reporting, you will be able to see which task, audits, and compliance documents are in need of completion and by who across all locations of your business. You will also receive notifications when important tasks reach completion.

Add expiry dates to documents in order to ensure tasks are completed on time, helping you maintain compliance.

Incident response action plans

When data breaches occur, there are regulations that determine the next course of action, as well as industry best practice. The Inform People platform is designed to make planning and action simple.

Use the Meetings and Events tool to create meetings or staff training events with the help of Virtual PA. Automatically invite assigned incident response employees to attend training events, keeping them up to date with the latest regulations and protocol in incident response. Use filters such as job title or location to assign attendees, and receive instant RSVP notifications on the system.

Monitor who has attended and completed essential training across the organisation and who has outstanding documents or training to complete to ensure your team stays compliant no matter where they are.

Set automatic reminders for the qualified staff members to update, manage, audit, and test the incident response plan as well as essential intrusion-prevention, detection, and file-integrity monitoring systems.

If breaches do occur, and you have not been maintaining compliance throughout your business, you could be hit with a substantial fine for breaking data protection laws. Inform People removes the manual processes and reminders and replaces them with a fully automated system to ensure compliance is an ongoing effective process.

PCI security FAQs

  • Does everyone need access to a PC?
    No. The beauty of Inform People is it works on any device with an internet browser or through the Inform People app. Perfect for remote working and monitoring.
  • Does everyone see everything?
    No. Permissions can be manually calibrated to reflect your staff structure and requirements. Only the necessary people have access to sensitive information and you can place further restrictions on specific documents, files, and information using filters such as job title, name, or specific people.
  • How flexible is the system?
    You can add extra features to your Inform People package over time to suit your needs, budget, and timescale. Inform People is essential to maintain impeccable compliance, however, the features go far beyond compliance helping with efficiency, communication, and decision-making.
  • Can managers track their team in real-time?
    Yes. Live reporting means the information you are seeing on Inform People is correct at the time the page loads. This means all outstanding audits and documents or completed tasks are ready for the next step.
  • How does the platform know what needs doing?
    The Virtual PA system analyses permissions, job roles, and to-do lists to give each user a dedicated task list tailored to them, their location, and role. With a clear view of what needs completing, workers are able to be more productive.
  • What happens when someone leaves the business?
    When users leave the business, their access is removed but their actions remain in the audit trail, meaning you can keep historical records on compliance actions.

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