Rail & Construction

Why Inform People?

Our online auditing and communication tools are the perfect solution for data capture and information sharing for safety focused rail and construction organisations.

We understand the issues associated with risky locations, regular access to important documents, and the need for clear and concise actions. Our tools tackle the issues between getting team members and managers to quickly see what they need to complete daily while working a busy hands on role.

The Inform People online systems have been designed to keep information easy to find, tasks simple to follow and complete, and reporting tools quick to access and in the hands of managers so you can easily see completion statistics and outstanding actions from any web enabled device.

Rail & Construction FAQs

  • Is the system complicated to use?
    We have worked hard to make the Virtual PA simple, with all outstanding actions highlighted and vital documents viewable within less than 3 clicks.
  • Does everyone in a team need access to a PC?
    No. The system is responsive so it can be accessed on any device connected to the internet with a browser or the Inform People app.
  • How does the platform know what needs doing? Each user's job title and location automatically determines what they need to do and have access to.
  • Does everyone see everything?
    No. Permissions levels are set to your requirements; this ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by specific users but that required files remain available for global access.
  • Can managers track their team in real time?
    Yes. Reporting is distributed so that managers can see their teams in live reporting, accurate at the time the page is loaded.


A central page with every outstanding action; accessible via any web browser and our app. The Virtual PA intelligently grows with your system automatically updating as modules are added.

Find out more about the Virtual PA.

Contact your people using the platform directly, without having to rely on email or edits to external contact lists. With the addition of push notifications through the Virtual PA app, your whole team can be kept in the loop.

Messaging is a core part of the Virtual PA. Read more about it here.

Making sure that regular daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks are done on site can be difficult when recorded on paper or via a non-centralised system. We can put a standard process in place that allows you to assign checklists to be completed by specific qualified people, with set time frames, to make sure checks are done. Integrated reporting presents results that are easy to compare across all sites.

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Knowledge Share allows you to package together any information you have stored within Knowledge Base and push it to groups of users via a notification on the Virtual PA. Set up a Share, get confirmation back from readers, and then monitor progress in automated reports. If a new account is created that matches the rules for an existing Share, unlike email, there is no need to send it out again; the system is always checking who meets your criteria and will automatically send them the link.

Find out more about Knowledge Share.

A central point for all knowledge where you can upload files, images, videos and documents that are important to your company. Set restrictions on any piece of knowledge to say who can see it, when can they see it and/or where they need to be located to see it. With easy to use tools to quickly add, edit and remove information, Knowledge Base can transform how you store documents that the people in your sites need to access. Each person also has their own favourites list for quick access to relevant items.

Find out more about the Knowledge Base.