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Say goodbye to mass emails

Inform People’s communication tool solves the problem of cumbersome and distracting email communication. With so many members in the workforce, important documents go missing, people are slow to respond, and it causes problems for you when lower-level management struggles to keep on top of things.

If you need information from other members of staff – or multiple people at one time – email is extremely inefficient. Mailing lists get cluttered and long, and bounce-backs become a common occurrence from staff who have left the company but not the mailing list.

The situation becomes even more complicated when you want to share documents and other attachments. It often means loading another application with limits on how much you can send to another person. There are so many obstacles to overcome. But why not just remove them using Inform People?

What you get

No attachment limit

Share with custom groups filtered by job title, training level, and other characteristics

Add questions to obtain staff feedback on their understanding

Automatic read receipts in manager reporting

Option to automatically share information with people when they reach the requirements​

Ability to create knowledge packs to send to specific users

Knowledge Share

When you combine the power of Knowledge Share and Messaging on Inform People, there is no need to link personal email accounts, create new work accounts for new starters, or open other programmes; it is all automatically handled by the Inform People Virtual PA system. You can send newsletters, policy updates, welcome packs, and much more.

You get:

  • Delay access based on start date
  • Limit availability for seasonal messages
  • Remains on VPA until complete
  • Historic access via Profile
  • Automated reporting to see who has viewed the Shares

Other useful platform features


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