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Inform People isn’t an off-the-shelf option. It is a tailor-made system, making Virtual PA the perfect fit for any company. It streamlines tasks and makes your administrative processes more efficient across every level of your business, helping you focus on your core role.

The Virtual PA is a straight-forward management tool providing a clear ‘to-do’ list of actions specific to each user, from the director to the new starters. It is the central hub for all work-related navigation ensuring users know where to go next to make the most out of the Inform People system. With Virtual PA, staying on track from any device is clear and simple.

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What you get

Unique accounts for each employee, linked to payroll​

Clear notifications for incomplete tasks

Countdowns for tasks with deadlines

Automatic permission updates when job roles and locations change​

Quick links to existing systems

Virtual PA features to drive productivity

The Messaging tool is a simple, optional feature that ties the platform together. Anyone can send one-to-one communication to another active user and Virtual PA will automatically show notifications. AI communications are handled within the system, new accounts are available immediately, and leavers are automatically locked out. There is no need for company email addresses or overly expansive mailing lists. 

The messaging tool gives you:

  • Separate inbox and outbox
  • Option to activate email alerts
  • System alerts linked to the Events module (if installed)
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Locked down to only active users

Virtual PA is your ultimate colleague. It is the personal assistant everyone needs to help them stay on track, continue moving forward, and drive productivity.

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