What is causing the lack of connectivity in your organisation?


Whether it’s between individual staff members, departments, or regional offices and stores, connectivity and effective communication is key. Without it, all levels of your organisation will suffer from inefficiencies that will affect your cash flow. 

A lack of connectivity negatively affects everything: compliance, company culture, innovation, communication, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and so much more. It’s important to bring all sectors of your organisation together for streamlined, effective working towards common company goals. But why is this so difficult?

What is holding you back?

In large organisations that span countries and regions with huge volumes of staff, there are several unique challenges to overcome if you want a cohesive business. These include:

  • Different languages
  • Different rules and regulations 
  • High staff-turnovers 
  • Geographical distance

While these aren’t the only factors, they commonly cause large businesses to become disjointed. But the solution is relatively simple. 

Updating your communication technology

If you’re operating with outdated processes, you’ll soon lag behind your competitors and fail to satisfy internal staff whose jobs become increasingly complex as the business grows. As technology progresses, it’s time to consider introducing innovations such as automation. If you aren’t one to buy into the hype, consider that automation could cut operating costs by up to 90%. But you need scalable, automated technology to bring your business together in specific ways. 

Firstly, your software should boost communication. This could mean making it easier for people to talk and share information despite language barriers with automatic translations. But commonly, it means streamlining bulky, cumbersome processes like emails. When email first came onto the business scene, it was revolutionary. This was over two decades ago, and since then, things have changed. 

Email is now the process holding your business back and promoting poor communication. Having to sift through countless emails to find the conversation you’re looking for. Or having to sort mail into relevant groups manually. Monitoring junk inboxes for incorrect allocations. Manually editing mailing lists. These are all relics of the past that we shouldn’t have to do anymore. But for many businesses, it’s still a part of daily operations. 

Thinking about how you can save time and promote more effective communication in your business using technology is essential if you want to be better connected.

Maintaining compliance and training

Compliance is a broad subject. It doesn’t just include keeping up with government and business regulations. It also means ensuring your staff have the right training to do so while being great at their job. 

If you have a high level of new staff entering the business, manually organising training is time-consuming. And even if they’ve been with your for years, organising regular or bespoke audits manually steals time they could spend on their main role. 

Automating both of these processes is easier than ever with technology, also allowing you to make the process paperless. Things like creating welcome training packs to automatically send to new staff members is simple. You can monitor their completion from a screen, ensuring they’re compliant with regulations. And scheduling audits to automatically assign to qualified team members for completion helps you save time. 

But, importantly, technology helps you bring this automation to life across regions, countries, and teams using an infinite number of conditions. Then you can manage all this information from one central head office, allowing you to get a clear view of the entire business, not just on a team-by-team basis. 

Ultimately, the main problem affecting businesses is their processes aren’t digitalised thoroughly. Their processes are at different stages of digitalisation across countries, teams, and regions. Bringing a business together requires everyone to be on the same page, no matter where you are. 

Inform People is a technological solution for large businesses who want to make geographically distant teams virtually closer together. Doing so helps you better maintain compliance, plan more effective events, and boost communication throughout the organisation to save time, money, and heighten collaboration. For more information, take a look at how we revolutionise businesses on our website.

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