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Our Knowledge suite is a powerful, informative system that uses a range of modules to store, sort and share information with exactly who needs it; gather feedback and track engagement. Upload documents, images and video to your Knowledge Base, without the need for technical support. Everyone gets their own favourites list, information is easily searchable and is stored securely on AWS servers. Best of all, Knowledge Share, direct messaging and our integrated learning options will generate tasks to the Virtual PA so nothing gets left incomplete.

Knowledge Solutions



Integrated online learning from Upskill People, experts in Retail and Hospitality learning, with all your outstanding courses listed as tasks on your Virtual PA.

Manage, deliver, assess and record everything about that needs to be learnt by your teams – you can even build your own content with the Easy Course Builder. Monitor completion through a fantastic selection of live and responsive reporting applications.

Check out the course catalogue here! http://upskillpeople.com/products

Knowledge Base


Acting as a central information repository, the Knowledge Base safely holds all of the documentation, data and media your organisation wishes to keep. Individuals have access to search tools so they can find exactly what they need, rate and comment on Knowledge and even save their favourites for quick reference.

This module provides a valuable single interface for access to the most up-to-date resources, from induction materials to reference charts for the whole organisation. All uploaded documents, images and videos are stored on the Amazon Web Service cloud and are accessible (with your unique login) from any web enabled device.

Knowledge Share


Package up items from the Knowledge Base into curated selections, write up some multiple choice questions, pick who you want to send your Share too and voila! A notification will be added to the Virtual PA of everyone in the target group. Through live reporting you can get instant read receipts and also track completion of the associated questions.

Who sees what is defined by you and can be based on any number of attributes such as their job role or length of time at the company. This saves employees hours of wasted time searching through massive silos of information, ensures they receive the information they need when they need it and reduces anxiety in doing so.


Through Knowledge Share you could:

  • Run a company newsletter
  • Improve awareness of a new policy
  • Share induction information

Event Booking


Keep an up-to-date, interactive, total record store of all of your face-to-face events. Online learning is fantastic for a wide variety of topics, but we know that there are just some things that need to take place offline and for that we have built a way to not only log your events for posterity but manage them from start to finish.

In the event module you can:

  • Create an event and assign pre-event resources to read/watch
  • Invite specific attendees or request attendance applications
  • Design a person to be responsible for logging attendance
  • Maintain a waiting list for over subscribed events
  • Log the true attendance figures and update your Upskill People total record store with any events that are learning oriented

Direct Messaging

In tandem with the information sharing of Knowledge Share – you can also directly send messages to individuals with a notification appearing on their VPA. Simple and with no email address necessary you can pick who you need to contact from the User Directory, type out your message and send.

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