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Energy and utility companies are going through a number of changes.

From including more methods of energy production into the business to the transition of the UK’s energy network to a smart grid. But, above all, safety remains important to maintain a successful business.

There must be better ways to keep all levels of the business informed, compliant, and on the same page across sites and countries.

That’s where Inform People comes in. 

Our solutions to your problems

High staff volume over multiple locations

The Virtual PA system is the perfect addition to your company, keeping thousands of staff – spread across regions, countries, and offices – on the same page. Virtual PA gives each worker a dedicated task list to ensure more productive working days.

The Messaging tool creates seamless communication, ridding your workforce of the inefficiencies of unstoppable emails by creating fast, instant messaging with automatic notifications and read receipts. 

With Knowledge Base, you’ll be able to store files, images, videos, and miscellaneous documents in one easy-to-search location. This means fast access to individually named documents which you can share with specific staff using Knowledge Share. Use filters such as job title or location to determine who sees what documents, ensuring only those authorised can view sensitive information.

Comprehensive safety audits

Working in the energy and utilities sector comes with its share of high-risk situations. It is more important than ever to be able to carry out the necessary risk assessments and audits on time. Our tools increase your efficiency by creating paperless auditing, reporting, and compliance processes, keeping all staff safe.

Use our auditing tools to schedule mandatory, regular, or one-off audits in any location. With the click of a button, you can assign them to a qualified professional or schedule them to be assigned automatically according to your timescale. Our tools allow easy monitoring of completion so it is clear which necessary documents have been completed and which are outstanding. You will know instantly if you are compliant.

Reporting allows you to monitor results using the insight gained to make high-level decisions across the organisation. Use information from set questions or design your own to get feedback on specific topics from certain staff members.

Out-of-office working

Although access to computers might be limited, Inform People works through an internet browser or the Inform People app, making out-of-office work a walk in the park. You can complete on-site audits, boost simple communication between different site locations with the Messaging tool, or easily share documents with Knowledge Base and Knowledge Share, no matter where you are working.

Energy and utilities FAQs

  • Is the system complicated to use?
    No. Inform People wants to remove aches and pains that come with managing multinational or large companies with high numbers of staff. We have worked hard to ensure Virtual PA is simple, with outstanding actions highlighted and vital documents viewable in less than three clicks.
  • How does the platform assign task lists?
    Virtual PA works behind the scenes, analysing what actions have been completed and using a user’s job title and location to automatically determine what actions they need to complete next.
  • Can managers track their team in real-time?
    Yes. Managers can see their teams in live reporting, accurate at the time the page was loaded. You can also get notifications when essential tasks are completed/outstanding using expiry dates.
  • Does everyone see everything?
    No. Permission levels can be set manually to your requirements to ensure sensitive data stays among authorised individuals. Permissions can also be set automatically according to job title or location.
  • How flexible is the system?
    Your audits, checks, and risk assessments are converted from paper processes to an online record. Over time, you can add more form to suit your growing needs in-line with changing policies and maintain access to old ones to inform decisions.

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