Everything in one place

We are specialists in tailor-made systems. We take our core modules, we listen to your needs, and we adapt them to suit you. 

The Virtual PA ties it all together by streamlining your tasks, making processes more efficient and procedures reliably followed. By taking the hassle out of the collection, sharing and application of information the Virtual PA means you can concentrate on getting more done.

What you get

  • Unique accounts for each employee, linked to payroll
  • Clear notifications for incomplete tasks
  • Countdowns for tasks with deadlines
  • Automatic permission updates when job roles and locations change
  • Quick links to existing systems

From a new starter to an experienced HR executive, the Virtual PA is an easy to use management tool with a clear ‘to-do list’ of actions, tailored to each user. It quickly becomes the central point for all work related online navigation. People can quickly see and complete what they need to do on any web enabled device or via  our app (Available on Android and Apple). 


A simple, optional, feature that ties into all parts of the platform. Any active account can send a quick one-to-one communication to another active team member with notifications via the Virtual PA, Mobile App or email (individually controlled). All communications are handled within the system, with new accounts available immediately and leavers automatically locked out – removing the need to manage company email addresses and editing of private email lists.


  • Separate Inbox and Outbox
  • Option to activate email alerts
  • System alerts linked to Events module (if installed)
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Locked down to only active users


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