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Internal communication solutions

Seamless communication across your organisation is key if you want to increase productivity. Miscommunication can range from a simple typo to an email sent to the wrong recipient, and it snowballs from there infiltrating the highest level of your organisation. The solution is often more emails, more corrections, and more back and forth until eventually you have a tangled web infecting your inbox.

Inform People cuts out distracting email communication, providing easy-to-find documents so people can focus on being great at their key role.

Essential features for flawless communication

The person with the cluttered inbox

When there is an event going on somewhere in your organisation, almost every aspect of the organisation for most multinational and large businesses is manual. When you have thousands of staff all doing different things at different times, sending individual emails, messages, and documents at every stage of confirmation is tedious, inefficient, and confusing. If your business works this way, when you need to do a quick check of attendance, confirm dates, or find informative attachments, you also need to do it through a time-consuming, manual process. 

Inform People’s communication tool removes the burden of email by rethinking communication entirely. Messages are backed up by the Inform People mobile app with push alerts meaning you’ll never lose an important response in an ocean of cluttered emails again and you’ll be able to reply to the most pressing matters instantly. 

Messaging tool

The communication tools allow you to:

  • Filter messages by read or unread
  • Filter messages by content including, event management notifications, performance review notifications, knowledgebase notifications, among others 
  • Cut out lost emails and time wasted sifting through thousands of conversations
  • Get automated read receipts
  • Separate the necessary from the urgent and the mandatory documents from day-to-day information sharing

With Inform People, when you need to find something, there it is.

Profile groups

You can stop worrying about making sure you have added the correct people from extensive mailing lists. Profile groups allow you to:

  • Manage mailing lists and group users based on their profile information
  • Send group messages according to job title, job level, new starters, and other filters
  • Automatically close accounts when a leaver is removed from payroll so you don’t share information with people no longer in the organisation, minimising bounce-backs

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do with profile groups. Want to know more? Complete the contact form below to arrange a call with one of our team.

The oversharer

Who is the one person you know too much about at work? Some people share too much with the wrong people at the wrong time. But, in business, sharing the right information with the right staff members as soon as possible is essential to building staff confidence and staff competence throughout all levels of the business. This minimises the number of costly and embarrassing mistakes you have to cleanup when staff are unaware of policies and regulations they are expected to comply with.

Whether it is from CEO to director, manager to manager, supervisor to new starter, or a bulletin to everyone in the business, Inform People has the tools to make information storage and sharing a breeze.

Knowledge share

Our knowledge share tool allows you to:

  • Gather key pieces of information and share them with specific people in the business
  • Monitor who views certain information
  • Add questions to confirm staff understanding
  • Automatically share information with people when they meet the requirements
  • Get automatic read receipts in manager reporting
  • Share with no attachment limit
  • Share with custom groups

Our communication tools are the simple solution you have been looking for to save valuable business time and money by minimising miscommunication. To request a demo, just get in touch with our helpful team. 

Knowledge base

Our knowledge base tool is a central storage point for all company information including files, images, videos, and documents. It allows:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Flexible categories and robust search
  • Individual favourite lists
  • Embedded YouTube or Vimeo
  • Restricted access at certain times

With our platform, finding the right information is easy. You will save time on searching for attachments in your inbox or emailing people to forward documents along. You can actually get on with your job. 


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