Communication Solutions

At Inform People we know the issues that arise when remote stores start to receive large volumes of email: key messages start to be lost, the dreaded ‘reply to all’ conversation and the issues of never knowing who has opened and understood the communications that have been sent out. 

We want to cut out distracting email communication, provide easy to find documents and focus people on their key roles and responsibilities rather than wading through endless emails in front of a ‘back office’ computer. 

With our automated communications, mass email replacements and 121 messaging (backed up by our mobile app with push alerts) we aim to remove the burden of email, not by just shifting it to another platform but to thinking about communications in a different way entirely.

Send out bulletins and get automated read receipts, keep communications tight and to the point and separate the ‘nice to know’ from ‘must read now!’


Easy to use tool to help you find the document, image, file or video you need. With powerful search tools and the ability to create your own collection of favourites.

Gather those key pieces of information and share them with specific people in your business – monitoring who views it. Confirm understanding with follow on questions and monitor who has done nothing with integrated reports based on your company hierarchy.

Knowledge Polling

COMING SOON in 2019: 

Quickly collect feedback from your teams on what they think about new releases, product development or business ideas.

Direct 121 messaging linked to an individual’s Virtual PA account. Removing the need for company email addresses and restricting communication to active team members only.

Automated system notifications letting people know what pending meetings, updates on applications or refreshes they have and what action to take, all in one place.

Control all your meetings and events from a single point. Create meetings, manage offline training courses and share future development calendars with your teams.

Profile Groups

With profile groups, you can stop thinking about managing email mailing lists and smartly group users based on their specific information (listed in their Profile).

Need to send a message to all your managers in the business? 
With Inform People there’s no need to open up your email list, check everyone is on, remove the leavers, add in the new manager and recently promoted – only then to have to send the message again to the 2 new starters, the 3 acting managers and ask the 5 people who have stepped down from their role to delete the message the next day. 

Say goodbye to the headache of communications! 

When using Share, simply select your ‘Manager’ group and the system will take care of the rest. The Virtual PA will present your message to anyone who matches the group rules. As it is constantly checking who matches your rule it will continue to make it available as new people become applicable. 

Accounts are closed when a leaver is removed from payroll so you never have to worry about information being shared beyond active teams.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what you can do with profile groups, want to know more? Complete the contact form below to arrange a call with one of our team.

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