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With large companies, making the right decision is more important than ever. The goal is to ensure the work which has gone into building a successful company continues to shine through for the benefit of its clients, staff, and shareholders. 

To do this, you need to understand every aspect of your business, especially your workforce. Inform People makes reviews and appraisals simple. 

There is more than one way to perform an appraisal. That is why our module is adaptable, customisable, and tailored to your company goals, promoting flexibility.

What you get

Structured competencies with calculated ratings​

Ability to select training requirements from custom lists​

Self-assessments handed to line managers​

Free-form comment sections

Automated completion and rating reporting​

Optional third stage for approval

Features to promote flexible appraisals

Probationary Reviews

A business is only as strong as its weakest members. While you might be able to keep on top of who is entering the business at the highest levels, regional and local managers carry a lot of the responsibility for building a strong workforce from the ground up.

With a simple two-stage process you can automatically analyse whether new employees are working in-line with your company values. Staff can easily engage with new team members, set up goal review meetings, and give senior managers a central overview of performance and completion.

Employees can:

  • Check performance against company guidelines
  • Schedule reviews for specific stages of induction
  • Tackle concerns before they become issues
  • Set goals to be addressed at the next review

Performance Reviews

Regular performance reviews allow managers to check in on staff, acknowledge rising stars, and address any issues that may be affecting productivity or employee satisfaction.

With Inform People, managers can:

  • See improvements over time with collected data
  • Collect training needs
  • Set future goals and reflect on past achievements
  • Reject answers which do not have enough detail
  • View completion reporting in Org Structure format

Exit Interviews

High staff turnover can cost a large company hundreds and thousands in expenses. When staff leave, they take the time and money you invested in their training with them. 

Inform People allows you to assign leavers questions to find out more about their reasons for exiting the business so you can make informed decisions in the future.

Make the exit beneficial for you and your ex-employee by:

  • Triggering questionnaires by leave date
  • Creating a checklist for returning property e.g. uniform, laptops
  • Collecting opinions of your wider business processes
  • Use feedback to adapt approaches and reduce turnover

Risk Assessments

Use two-stage review forms for situations more about circumstances than performance. Risk assessments are essential to keep your business compliant and your staff and customers safe. 

You can easily collect health and safety information for protected characteristics like expectant mothers, young people, and others, as well as situations such as night work where there could be health concerns.

Staff can remain conscientious by:

  • Asking open questions for detailed information
  • Making sure content input in the first stage isn’t edited in the second
  • Confirming people’s understanding of policy
  • Accessing completed reviews from individual profiles

All in one simple paperless system. 

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