For social housing

Social housing businesses are under more scrutiny than ever before.

With the publication of the Hackitt Report the need for pristine communication, organisation, and effective audits is evident in the sector.

Implement Inform People to streamline your workflow and keep tabs on everything from central reporting, while your team are out and about in your buildings. 


Our solutions to your problems

Comprehensive safety audits

Inform People worked in partnership with Active Housing to launch an auditing system which bridges the gap between the checks, tests, and inspections carried out by housing authorities, tenant associations, and the residents that want to read them.

Our tools give tenants selected access to the checks and tests being completed in their homes, maintaining the “golden thread” of effective communication. 

Use Knowledge Base to store documents securely. 

Use Insights to analyse the data you collect and make informed decisions in the future. 

Easily share unlimited documents with Knowledge Share.

Restrict access to information on a need-to-know basis, by location, by job title, or other filters automatically.

Social housing FAQs

  • Does everyone in a team need access to a PC?
    No. The system is responsive so it can be accessed on any device connected to the internet with a browser or the Inform People app.
  • Does everyone see everything?
    No. Senior staff can calibrate permission levels to reflect the people in your buildings and your requirements. This means completed reports can be visible and viewed only by specific users in specific locations but other information is available globally.
  • How does this platform know what needs doing?
    The platform provides tasks and information based on each user's role and location to automatically determine what audits and checks they need to complete, when and where, and highlights anything that has been missed or left incomplete to central admins.
  • Can completion be monitored in real time?
    Yes. Reporting is distributed so admins can see the buildings they are responsible for and all tasks and reports are accurate at the time the page is loaded.
  • How flexible is the system?
    Each audit, check, and risk assessment is easily converted from a paper process to an online record. More forms can be added individually over time to suit your growing needs in-line with changing policies.
  • What happens when user accounts are made inactive?
    Access is removed but their actions are retained in the system’s audit trail so all completed checks are available, no matter who completed them.

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